BLADE - 200 Club

What would You do with £1,000?

How Does it Work?

The 200 Club has up to 200 members. Every member makes a modest payment of £10 each month. This creates a monthly 'pot' of £2,000. BLADE 200 Club members can win £1,000 of this every month! The remaining £1,000 goes towards new community facilities.

How Do I Win?

It's simple! Every member is entered into a monthly draw which has one prize of £1,000 (or 50% to the total membership funds if there are less than 200 members). The draw is normally made in the Murrell Arms on the last Thursday of every month. The 200 Club member drawn out wins!

Do I Have to be There to Win?

No. The draw is conducted and verified by three people. If the winner is not present s/he will be notified by letter or phone.

Can I Win More Than Once?

Yes! Every member is entered into each month's draw, so if you are lucky enough to have your name drawn again, you win again!

How Do I Join?

Just pick-up one of the leaflets on display in shops and businesses around the village, and complete and return the application form.

Alternatively please contact Elaine Bedford This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full details and an application form.

Previous Winners

August 2012 - Jack Lockwood
September 2012 - Eddie Tarbard
October 2012 - Jane Yates
November 2012 - Sue Dusart 
December 2012 - Rob Sparrow
January 2013 - Hazel Reed
February 2013 - Elizabeth Folman
March 2013 - Gary Triggs
May 2013 - Brian Hudson
June 2013 - 104 J Lockwood
July 2013 - 107 J Haig
August 2013 -Sally Camps
September 2013 - 97  Mrs. Lonsdale
October 2013 - Chris Eldridge
November 2013 - 146 Rod Cooper
December 2013 - 51 Steve Ansell
January 2014 - 200 Barnham Coffee Club
Febuary 2014 - Mark Waghorn
March 2014 - Sam Leath
April 2014 - Chris Allington
May 2014 - Marion Williams

Will you be next??!!

pdfDownload the 200 Cub Leaflet

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